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Welcome to Sindhipedia

Sindhipedia is a free to access online encyclopedia supported and hosted by the non-profit organization The Education Foundation.Anyone from anywhere who visits Sindhipedia can edit content and contribute articles in the interest of the common folk.Sindhipediais designed for the general reader and is available online and is free to all people with internet access.Sindhipedia is an ever-expanding body of knowledge that currently contains hundreds of carefully selected articles.

Why Sindhipedia?

The need of Sindhipedia was badly felt due to policies and methodology of different online encyclopedias as almost all such encyclopedias authenticated contents through Google. Though it was the right and the only way to see the notability and authenticity of the topics and contents for online encyclopedias yet it only authenticated content which was in English language. It was not only necessary that the content which was to be authenticated should be in English Language but also published somewhere on the internet so that Google could find its notability, authenticity and accuracy and the content could be analyzed accordingly. However content which was notable and worthy of being the part of encyclopedias became the victim of what the information technology experts call it systemic bias.

One of the most quotable examples is Ustad Bukhari a well known prominent poet of Sindhi Language who without any doubt can be ranked with John Milton or William Wordsworth whose introduction was refused to be kept on one of the famous encyclopedias with the reason that he was not a notable personality and they could not keep his introduction as Google could not find more information about it. An other notable example is Sarmad Sindhi whose introduction was deleted citing the same reason. In that situation nobody was to be blamed, neither encyclopedias as they were right to check the notability of the content nor the contributor who was also at his place right because his contribution was worthy enough to be published in the encyclopedias.

When this matter was discussed with the editors of existing encyclopedias they showed their inability to do anything regarding notability as it was the only possible solution to check the notability online. Keeping in view all this and after discussing the matter with several intellectuals worldwide the founder of The Education Foundation decided to work on an online encyclopedia which will be the suitable place for the content and articles that cold be analyzed manually.In collaboration with the chief executive of a software house The Iwebsolutions, Gulzar Ahmad he launched an online encyclopedia in August 2014. Reviewing the resources and manpower they had, they limited the encyclopedia upto Sindh and named it as Sindhipedia ,a portmanteau of Sindhi (Related to Sindh)and encyclopedia. It was also decided that Sindhipedia would be in English Language so that anybody in the word could read and know about the notable topics regarding Sindh.