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How does Sindhi use infromation you send us

Your Public Contributions

Sindhipedia is an online Encyclopedia which is free to ALL. Whatever the visitors post on Sindhipedia can be seen and used by everyone. So the visitors must agree before sending any data to Sindhipedia that it will be made public by Sindhipedia can be used by anyone for analysis and to infer information about users, such as which country a user is from, political affiliation, and gender.

Account Information & Registration

The visitors do not need to create an account to use Sindhipedia.But they can also create an account without giving Sindhipedia their name or email address. But the visitors contributions will be publicly attributed to the visitors IP address if the visitors are not creating account.They are certainly not required to create an account to read Sindhipedia articles.

Information We Receive Automatically

As it happens in other websites, Sindhipedia receives some information about the visitors automatically when they visit Sindhipedia. This information helps Sindhipedia administer it and enhance the visitors' user experience.

Information Sindhipedia Collects

Sindhipedia uses a variety of commonly-used technologies, like cookies, to understand how the visitors use Sindhipedia, make Sindhipedia services safer and easier to use, and to help create a better and more personalized experience for the visitors.


If the visitors choose to provide their email address, Sindhipedia will keep it confidential and it will never ask for your password by email

Surveys & Feedback

Sindhipedia may ask the visitors to provide Sindhipedia with information through a survey or provide feedback, but the visitors will never be obligated to participate.

Location Information

If the visitors consent, Sindhipedia can use commonly-used location technologies to show the visitors more relevant content.


Sindhi may automatically receive location data from the visitors' device. For example, if the visitors upload a photo using Sindhipedia Commons mobile app, please be aware that the default setting on their mobile device typically results in the metadata associated with the visitors photo being included in the upload.

IP Addresses

When the visitors visit Sindhipedia,it automatically receives the IP address of the device the visitors are using to access the Internet, which can be used to infer the visitors' geographical location.

With Your Permission

Sindhipedia may share the visitors' information for a particular purpose, if they agree. The visitors can find more information in the list of examples in Sindhipedia's FAQ.

The visitors Made It Public

Information that the visitors post is public and can been seen and used by everyone because while sharing the articles the visitors were agreed to make the information public.

How Long does Sindhipedia Keep the visitors Data?

Sindhipedia only keeps the visitors personal information as long as necessary to maintain, understand, and improve Sindhipedia

Contact Us If the visitors have questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy, or the information collected under this Privacy Policy, please email Sindhipedia at or contact Sindhipedia directly.